Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Don't Care If You Call Me A Bitch Today

There are times when a girl is allowed to be a bitch.

I have a reason to smile widely in my sleep tonight. The family of former friend's fiance broke off the engagement.

Oh..don't judge me. I'm just human. I can be happy when something bad happened to the person who treated me like shit once. I will be really happy if I can say these things to him straight in the face*here comes the drama queen*:-
  • If we were still friends, I will definitely feel sorry for you. But right now I just don't feel anything. Like I'm dead inside for a while..Oh but wait..I actually do feel something for you..I'm HAPPY that this happens to you. You deserved it!
  • You obviously didn't listen to JT and Alicia Keys. What goes around comes around. Enough said.
  • Bad things DO happen to bad people. What makes you an exception?
  • You think I'm mean for saying this or acting this way? The pot calling the kettle black. By the way, I'm an electric kettle ok. So I can come in different colours. Pretty colours.
Yup I can be bitter when someone pushed my bitter button. I have lots of button and you don't ever want to push the wrong ones.Tapi dulu tunang Hapis selalu konon-konon tekan button atas kepala I sebab nak suruh I to shut up and zip it. Haha

Oh how did I come to know about this whole putus tunang thing? My friend thought that me and former friend are still friends so she gave me all these updates on him. Oh dia dah bertunang..Oh dia dah kerja sekarang. Oh dia dah bla bla bla and bla bla bla..I didn't care but I pretended to.
What can I say..It's an Oscar deserving performance.

The score now is: Esah 18     Former friend 0 (in your face)

Ok lah I nak kena tidur sekarang sebab esok my best friend nak belanja I sushi..(Haha saja nak point this out sebab nak bagi orang rasa lapar) =B


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  2. haha sha; tak sangka kita. but u write it nicely and perfectly and tak nampak lah macam ada hatred sgt. in other words; it seems like u hated him professionally i would say. hehe