Monday, April 26, 2010


Happy 25th dear..Tell it to the world with proud that you are now 25. I'm so so soooooo happy that everything works out great for you except for that boss who doesn't really like you because you clocked out at 5.30pm..I mean, what's her problem kan..Chill out dude..Hahaha...

I love you, I care for you and my prayers are with you. I'm so blessed that I've known you for these past few years. Thank you for being there. And are still there.

Gossip Girl...(Hahaha..What the.............???)

p/s: Sorry I suck at this dedication thingy..;p

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  1. awww.. thank you..who would thot yang i akan ade page dedicated for me with my name terpampang kan.. rase sediket superstar..haha. (i still ackowledge yang tunangan ade wat chamnie tuk i tapi takde letak my name kan, pempaham sendiri laa tu tuk i kan,harap i tak salah orang laa kan :p) again, thank you babe. right back at you.. i truly believe that one of my blessing was/still being friends with you.. :)